Hillary Tries To Hide CAST As SHOCKING Details EMERGE About ‘Drunken Stupors’

Hillary Clinton was at Rutgers University, and she was obviously trying to hide a cast on her right arm. The failed presidential candidate just returned from India where reports say she fell three times and doctors put her on bed rest, yet her staffers refused to comment further. Now, shocking details are emerging about “drunken stupors” and what really went down in India, as doctors told her that she couldn’t fly and had to stay in bed.

Hillary was caught falling down twice in India on Monday, March 12, while she was touring an archeological site, the ancient city of Mandu in Madhya Pradesh. The former Secretary of State was slated to speak at other events in India, but by Tuesday morning, her staffers mysteriously canceled them.

Clinton was staying at the ritzy $700/night Umaid Bhawan Palace, and reporters hung around despite Hillary’s staffers going on radio silence. There were no announcements and no text messages as her entourage was holed up inside her huge suite. Then, almost 24 hours later, early Wednesday morning, hotel staff notice doctors entering Hillary’s rooms.


The Daily Mail reported, “Doctors were called to the Umaid Bhawan Palace and diagnosed the 70-year-old with a sprain, advising her to rest which forced her to cancel plans to visit the Mehrangarh Fort that evening. But the pain only worsened, and by Wednesday morning she decided to get her hand checked out at Goyal Hospital.”

They add, “Doctors there administered a CT Scan and an X-ray of Clinton’s wrist, and determined that she had a hairline fracture, the Times of India reports.”


What was totally strange is according to Hillary’s aides, she had slipped in the bathtub which adds up to three falls over 48 hours if you believe their timeline. Then, she has to go on bedrest for a broken wrist? She cancels the rest of her scheduled events, many which were huge paydays, and stays holed up inside the Umaid Bhawan Palace.

When she went aboard in October, to the United Kingdom, she ended up in a cast on her foot and had to cancel several appearances which the Brits took as rude and unprofessional.

“Hillary Clinton apparently fell and injured her foot on Monday during her overseas book tour, prompting her to cancel or delay interviews with British journalists — before resurfacing on a BBC program,” reported Fox News.

They added“As with previous Clinton health scares, the details are a bit unclear. As one host called out Clinton for missing an interview, her spokesman initially said she ‘twisted her ankle.’ He tweeted a picture of Clinton wearing a special boot during a separate appearance on the BBC’s Graham Norton Show.”

The Washington Free Beacon didn’t buy Hillary’s “excuses.” In India, the details are unclear. She’s got a sprained wrist, then she’s got a hairline fracture and she’s in a full cast. While in the United Kingdom, she said that she fell backward while wearing heels on stairs with coffee in her hand and her spokesman called it a “twisted ankle.” Then, she shows up on the Graham Norton Show wearing a cast and now she has a broken toe.

Clearly, there is something else going on here, as the Washington Free Beacon outlines in this short video:


Hillary Clinton’s strange accidents are legendary. We know her staffers emailed each other about her drunken stupors while she was campaigning in 2016.

On August 8, 2015, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, John Podesta, wrote to Communications Director Jennifer Palmieri, asking if she had sent Clinton some documents. While it is unclear what those documents might be, Podesta also discussed some personal concerns:

Should I call her and talk this through or better to leave with you? I’m worried she’ll get on with Cheryl and we’ll end up in a bad place. I’m in a session that lasts till 3:30 your time. Is that timely or should I walk out?

Does that “bad place” have anything to do with drinking? Two and a half hours later, according to the time stamps of the email exchange, Palmieri responded:

I just sent. Was getting my hair cut and trying to write all this on an iPhone. I think you should call her and sober her up some.

Prior to the release of this email, it had been rumored that Clinton had an alcohol abuse problem, and her drinking contests with other members of the U.S. Senate — including one with Sen. John McCain — are considered “legendary” inside the Beltway. But there’s never been any solid proof of alcohol abuse made public, other than frequent photos of her taking a single drink while on the campaign trail.

In September of that same year, Podesta wrote to Communications Director Jennifer Palmieri to ask, “How bad is her head?” in an email with the subject line “Any sense of whether and when she wants to talk?”

“Don’t know,” Palmieri replied. “Huma [Abedin] left here about an hour ago. I just pinged again to ask about prep, haven’t heard back.”


Isn’t it time for the truth to come out about Hillary Clinton’s medical issues? She has no reason to keep covering up whatever it is unless part of the problem is alcohol. Last night at Rutgers, Hillary told the crowd how she recovered from the big election loss, saying, “I took a lot of long walks in the woods… I drank my share of Chardonnay.”

That’s the problem, trying to take walks while Hillary’s drinking. She ends up with broken bones as her staffers spread ridiculous lies about what went wrong. Thank God she didn’t get elected, America dodged a bullet for sure.













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