‘Shut Up & Sit Down!’ 15-Year-Old Black Republican Puts Anti-Gun David Hogg In His Place (WATCH)

As you all might recall, Fox News anchor and talk radio host Laura Ingraham took a moment on Wednesday to reveal the news that Parkland school shooting survivor David Hogg had been rejected from a number of colleges in California to which he had applied. One of those even included UCLA in Southern California.

She tweeted: “David Hogg Rejected By Four Colleges To Which He Applied and whines about it. (Dinged by UCLA with a 4.1 GPA…totally predictable given acceptance rates.),”


In addition to not being accepted into UCLA, Hogg was also quoted as saying he has also received rejection notices from UC San Diego, UC Santa Barbara, and UC Irvine. But sadly instead of questioning why he isn’t neing accepted into any colleges, the liberal mouthpiece has decided to bully the sponsors of Laura Ingram’s Fox News show “The Ingram Angle.”

But the 15-year-old black Republican CJ Pearson isn’t about to let him get away with taking out his frustrations on Laura Ingram. So in a rant aimed at anti-gun David Hogg, the new face of the anti-Second Amendment and anti-gun movement, CJ took no prisoners.


This is exactly what we needed on our side. Someone whom the left wing media can’t bully into being silent about David Hogg, his merry band of so-called “activists” and their motives, which they themselves have admitted is to ban all guns in America.

Hogg has decided to be a mouthpiece for the left and has claimed he knows more than us adults who “don’t know how to use a F#### Democracy,” but he gets all butthurt if someone says he’s whining. Even though he himself has ruthlessly attacked and bullied people who don’t agree with his point of view.


Hey Hogg, I agree, we really don’t know how to use a F##### Democracy, but that’s ok, since we live in a Republic! And it seems like your parents, if they were even around, also didn’t know how to use F##### discipline neither.

More on CJ Pearson via Time:

“CJ Pearson, a 13-year-old, has become an overnight sensation online for a video criticizing President Barack Obama for inviting clock-making high school student Ahmed Mohamed to the White House. But the conservative teen from Georgia is not new to the political spotlight.


Pearson first made waves among conservative media in February with his YouTube video, “President Obama: Do you really love America?” in which the middle school student with a southern twang questions the President’s response to terrorism. The video has been watched more than 2 million times.



“Before posting my first video, I literally rolled out of bed and spoke directly to the camera about my firm belief that this President does indeed not love America,” Pearson told TIME by email. “After the success of my first video, I decided I’d keep [posting] videos and keep speaking up about the issues that I felt were important. I wanted to be a voice for my generation.”

In his newest video, “Dear Mr. President and Ahmed,” Pearson says Obama used Mohamed, a Muslim high school student, as a tool for his own agenda, and criticized the President for not extending White House invitations to the families of slain police officers or Kathryn Steinle, a San Francisco shooting victim.

“Mr. President, what are your priorities here?” he asked during the monologue. “Because in all honesty, I think you’re being ignorant, I think you’re incompetent, and I think you don’t understand reality.” Pearson received media attention for his sharp tongue, along with both praise and pushback online. He acknowledged that there has been “some negativity,” but said the outpouring of support he has received from conservatives has been “truly humbling.”

Even before his latest video gained national attention, Pearson had been featured on Fox & Friends, The Washington Times, Newsmax and USA Today — all before high school. “I’ve always been told that if you’re not receiving pushback, you’re not pushing hard enough,” Pearson told Fox in July.


The fledgling YouTube star, whose channel has received more than 3 million views since he joined in February, gravitates toward hot-button political issues. The titles of his video posts include: “CJ Pearson DESTROYS Common Core,” “Hillary Clinton for Narcissist In Chief!” and “Sorry, Islam. You’re not taking away my liberty!”




Pearson isn’t only interested in punditry; he’s been involved in a number of campaigns, and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, who is running for the Republican presidential nomination, named him the national chairman of the “Teens for Ted” coalition on Sept. 8.

“CJ Pearson commands a brand, following, and political message that inspires the youngest of followers to even an older generation of conservatives,” said the statement announcing Pearson’s leadership. Pearson says he will do “whatever it takes” to secure the youth vote for Cruz, whom he calls a “once in a lifetime candidate.”


The teen from Grovetown, Georgia has already served as student body president of Columbia Middle School, where he’s currently in the eighth grade. He said his county is very conservative, so many of his classmates share his views; but he sill usually tries to talk about “normal thirteen year old things.”


Pearson said his parents are Democrats, who “virtually disagree with everything” he says, but they support his efforts to be involved with politics. “Discussion is tense, yet respectful,” Pearson added. “They have their views. I have mine.”

Pearson has plans for his political career beyond next year’s election. He recently posted a photo of himself with Cruz to his Facebook page with the caption, “Presidential hopeful 2016 and Presidential hopeful 2040.”


When TIME asked whether he aspires to be Commander in Chief one day, Pearson was unequivocal.

“I definitely do,” he wrote, “and like Donald Trump, I can assure you whatever I do as President will be ‘YUGEEE!’ haha.”




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