Bill Clinton: ‘Trump’s Fans Are Ignorant And Violent, They Have No Clue What They’re Doing To…’

Former US President Bill Clinton stated that these days everybody is a nationalist all over the world, however for a nation to prevail, he thinks that it has to accept immigrants.
Clinton made his comments amid a special campaign occasion for Democratic gubernatorial nominee Phil Murphy in New Jersey.
He stated that America kept on developing only because they could assimilate extensive numbers of newcomers from all over the world.
“Look, does every country need borders, laws and rules? Yes,” he said. “Do we need young immigrants who are willing to work hard and contribute to our future? You bet.”
Clinton clarified that the US was confronting a similar issue as every rich country in the past, referring to the low birth rates in our country.
“Like every other wealthy country in the world, the more you give women access to an education and the workforce, the lower the birthrate is, the smaller families are,” he stated. “It doesn’t matter if you are pro-choice or pro-life … in every society on earth this happens.”
mmigration, he clarified, was basic for the overall success of this nation.
“You need them!” he said, speaking about newcomers. “We need to do this together.”
He bashed the way Republican voters behave and stated that they are full of hate.
Republicans he also stated, were aiming to get fans “foaming at the mouth until they need a rabies shot” and“stark raving crazy” to force them to vote.
“It’s like food that leaves you hungry 30 minutes after you eat it,” he stated.
Clinton additionally stated that Russia was a genuine danger to the US, in the wake of attempting to destroy democracy in our country and install a president who will suit their interests.
“What they’re really trying to do is be able to dilute the sources of information so much that there will be no difference between fact and fiction, truth and lie,” he stated. “And then all the crowd of authoritarians will come along and say … it’s impossible to have a genuine democracy.”




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